Creative Projects

“behind the scenes, she’s got more awareness of how things work – the stage, everything that goes into production. The music, the costumes, the choreography; all of it. More awareness of theatre.”
Parent, Nott Just Ballet

We think everyone should have the chance to learn, create, perform and try new and exciting things. That’s why our creative projects are big, bold and dynamic, giving local people the chance to work artists and arts organisations, in diverse and unexpected ways.

Since our first project with Birmingham Royal Ballet in 2013 we have worked with over 2,500 local people and some of the UK’s best known artists and arts organisations including Birmingham Royal Ballet, Nottingham Playhouse, Rankin, Broadway, Dance4 and Nottdance Festival, Lakeside, Nottingham’s European Arts and Theatre Festival and City Arts.

Here are just some projects we’ve delivered recently:

The Caravan Gallery comes to Sneinton!

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The Sneinton Pride of Place Project with the world renowned Caravan Gallery ran from Saturday 4 March to Saturday 18 March. The little yellow caravan travelled around Sneinton gathering stories, photographs and memorabilia to create the people’s exhibition of Sneinton!

The launch party took place on Saturday 4 March at the Vegan Market on Sneinton Market Square and continued at the project hub in the afternoon, with many people popping in to make their mark on ‘The People’s Map of Sneinton’.

On Sunday 5 March this unique art gallery spent a (rainy) day at Green’s Windmill, where everyone enjoyed a guided tour of their extraordinary exhibition of photos from Sneinton, Nottingham and all over the UK. The Caravan Gallery continued its travels around the area, visiting Pelham Street in Hockley and Sneinton Hermitage Square, with it’s final outing on Saturday 18 March at Sneinton Market. This was followed by a final celebration event at the project hub, where the exhibition and the ‘people’s map of Sneinton’ were showcased. The resulting exhibition was a amazing, colourful, varied and informative display, showing how much Sneinton means to the people who live and work in the area.

The adventures of Prince Achmed
In December we worked with MCO Nottingham show a screening of the magical fairy tale film Prince Achmed, at St Christopher’s Church Hall in Sneinton. It was a great evening, with food (provided by Growin’ Spaces. Alongside the screening a paper cut-out shadow puppet workshop was held at MCO in Sneinton. The workshop was run by was run by locally based artist Sarah Manton of Curious? and the results were exhibited at the film screening.


Nott Romeo & Juliet
Nott Romeo and Juliet was a collaborative project between young musicians and dancers from St Ann’s and Sneinton, developed by The Renewal Trust in partnership with Birmingham Royal Ballet, Dance4 and Community Recording Studios (CRS) in St Ann’s.

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The project took place between January and April 2016. The project was a collaboration of music and dance. While he dancers took part in weekly ballet lessons, the musicians from CRS began to create an original piece of music, taking inspiration from Prokofiev’s original score for the ballet. To help the musicians understand the relationship between the music and the dance, they worked with Birmingham Royal Ballet’s conductor and were mentored by Birmingham Royal Ballet’s composer Andrew Kristy.

The dancers and musicians then came together with a choreographer from Birmingham Royal Ballet’s Learning team to create a piece of dance to the music, composed by Nick Stez and the three musicians from CRS. The choreographic inspiration for the piece of dance came from Birmingham Royal Ballet’s production of Romeo and Juliet. The resulting piece of dance and music was then performed at the Theatre Royal Nottingham.

To accompany the project this short film was produced by We Are Caravan.

The Arts Council England also later completed a case study of the project.

Peter Pan
The Community Orchard in St Ann’s Allotments was host to a re-telling of Peter Pan by JM Barrie performed by a group of Students from Nottingham Academy in July 2015. This special outdoor performance had four scenes located throughout the orchard, with the audience of family and friends guided to each scene by Tinkerbell.

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